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Change Locks On House

Every year, hundreds if not thousands of people relocate from one home to another, from rented houses to their houses, and so on. Many of these changes normally include busy agendas and a lot of planning with little thought if any given to security concerns. Typically, moving to a house requires lots of security concerns such as changing locks, keys, and nearly everything that determines the entry of the new home. Aside from the access points, such moves also open your home to possible criminals who openly see everything that you own, may organize a targeted attack to break in and steal your valuables. All these and several other areas of concerns that you must address before, during, and after you relocate.  

This section looks at the points to consider:

Changing of Locks and Keys:

While numerous people consider it a minor issue to change the locks of your new place, the truth is that you want to change them. This will allow you to account for every individual key that you possess. Having a stack of keys that you do not identify where they exactly work can be complicated and a security concern too. Another important reason why you need to ask The Lock Pro to replace your locks and keys is the reality that multiple people could have earlier entered your new house before you either as contractors or just servicemen in general. Depending on someone’s intentions, such people may copy keys and thereby pose a potential security threat.  

Security of Entry Points:

The initial security method that you are to begin when you move into your new home is to undergo a security inspection. This is a crucial method as it will display all the areas of vulnerability present you a security checkpoint to follow in fixing these problems. The areas to focus on during the inspection are covered areas such as dark entry points, windows covered by limbs and bushes, shaded areas amidst numerous other parts that could ‘invite’ thieves. Also, look for unintended entry points and basement entrance areas where appropriate.  

Alarm System:

If the home you are moving in does not possess an alarm system, you can call The Lock Pro to install one for you. Should the event be that the home has an alarm system installed, there are still some points that you should do to increase your overall residential security. You must assure that the alarm is working properly through an accurate maintenance check. Passwords should additionally be changed and given to the appropriate members of the family.  

Oversee Visitors or Guests in Your House:

If you move to a new home, it is usual to have next-door neighbors and other family friends visiting you. As much as you welcome them, be careful about how you supervise them as any of them could be planning the entrance and exit locations within your house. Always store valuables in safes and concealed areas in your new residence. Although this checklist is not concrete it can give you a stance on how to control security circumstances when moving homes. 

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