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Access control and digital door locks work through the latest smart technology in controlling access to your building. As opposed to the conventional locks, installing digital locks guarantees that only authorized personnel are allowed in. Also, these certain locks are combined; with an access control system that registers every single audit transaction. In summary, this article explains how digital door locks implement into the access control systems including, their advantages to enhancing security and regulating traffic flow.  

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How The New World of Digital Locks Work With Access Control  

Digital door locks work within an interconnected interface of system elements which cover:  

Access Control System Server – This hosts the software accountable for allocating access credentials and monitoring traffic into the building. It additionally houses the database including all the credential cardholders and their admittance levels.  

Badging In Server – This server catches numerous identity components including the name, photo, date, and address to assign access badges also understood as credentials. In short, this server is regularly connected with the access control system server.  

Digital Video Recorder- As a result, certain recorders are assigned to several cameras connected in the digital lock system to register events that can later be replayed. Also, these recorders operate like CCTV systems.  

The Access Control Panels – Subsequently, these access panels operate as the linking points connecting the access control server furthermore the access points which, can both be doors or checkpoints. They process all reader data, give a request to exit or access the building and report the status of the door being either open or shut. They are also efficient in reporting credential difficulties and intrusion.  


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Authentication Process – For you to gain access to these digital doors, an authentication credential requirement must operate successfully. Also, this is unique verification of identification as registered inside the lock system database. There are various authentication methods that The Lock Pro can integrate within your digital access system. Most of these are:  

Digital codes and Passwords – This is one of the traditional verification methods utilized in digital locks. In fact, the locks have a keypad, where you insert in your code and if it matches with the database stored code next, the lock deactivates and allows you access.  

What Are Security tokens – This is wherever you swipe or scan a security token like a smart card to communicate it with the lock. Furthermore, most digital locks can recover credentials that; are saved on private digital assistants (PDA) through infrared information transfer methods.  

How Biometrics Work – Specifically, this authentication method leverages technologies, such as retinal scanning, voice impression identification, iris scanning, and fingerprint scanning to allow entrance. Lastly, they are remarkably effective and reliable.  

All The Lock Pro professionals are, experienced in installing and managing digital door lock systems. You can have them evaluate your business and inform you accordingly on the most suitable; system to install. 

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